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Perfect Standard Time
A newsletter from Becky Brown
C/O the little brown studio
P.O. Box 319
Utica, MS 39175

Dear friends of the little brown light:
I know you are wondering what in the world is going on here as you receive back-to-back newsletters. Well, here is what the Lord has been doing in my life since the August 2000 newsletter.

For the past 19 years, I have served as a full time member of the staff of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to this work, I also have been involved in a part-time, weekend, "space available" ministry of personal evangelism. This ministry of my heart has included creative writing, music composition, Bible teaching, retreats, revivals and concerts. Through much prayer time and Bible study, as well as through a series of what I believe to have been God-designed circumstances, I joyfully announce to you the following decision:

I have resigned my work at the seminary to follow the Lord more deeply into the ministry of personal evangelism to which I have been called. This decision will make it possible for me to be totally available to the Lord in the use of the gifts He has given me for His glory. My last official day at the seminary will be October 31, 2000. The Lord has provided a place for me to live in a town called Utica, Mississippi, which is located about 30 minutes southwest of Jackson, the capitol city.

Would you please consider doing two very critical things for me at this time? FIRST, will you write my name on a piece of paper and put it under a magnet on the front of your refrigerator (somewhere near the handle…) so that you can remember to pray daily for this ministry. SECOND, please consider giving my name to a friend, to a local church pastor, or womens' ministry group, senior adult minister, etc., that might be in need of a ministry such as this one.  FINALLY, I hope to be developing and distributing a new brochure that will include the following new bits of contact information effective November 1st:

Becky Brown
C/O the little brown studio
P. O. Box 319
Utica, Mississippi 39175
Phone # (601) 885-8448
Email Address:
Web Address: www.littlebrownlight.com
Thanks for your prayerful support and encouragement.



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