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It was a Friday night in 1994. Jordan Taylor was two and a half years old. He spent many a Friday night at my house so we could get up on Saturday and make pancakes and watch shoot-em-ups and cartoons. About 2:30 AM he yelled, "Becky Bwwowwnnnn, I needyooouuu!" I leaped tall furniture in the dark to get in there to him. I felt really needed and very necessary.

As I reached the pullout couch in the living room where he slept, he stuck those little arms out to me, reaching with all his might. I picked him up and held him tight. HE patted ME on the back. What a feeling it is to hold a child. It was one of THOSE moments. We both shared a heavy sigh of mutual contentment. He was assured once again that I would come when he calls.

I was overjoyed that it was ME that he called when he woke up and found himself in need of even the smallest thing. "OK, buddy, itís alright, Becís here," I said. Then he looked at me with those big, sleepy blue eyes, pointed to the kitchen as he leaned in that direction and repeated impatiently, "I need juice!" After a moment, it finally dawned on me that what he had actually said earlier was, "Becky Bwwowwnnnn, I needjoooose!" Oh. OK. I See. Gee, I had thought that it was ME he needed.Realizing that I had been upstaged by a cup of juice, I sheepishly and sleepily stumbled toward the refrigerator with him in my arms, his head on my shoulder. As I poured his juice into his special juice cup, I found myself saying, "Lord we THINK we need juice, but what we really need is already holding us now!" We wake up in the middle of the nights of our lives and ask for what we think we can not live without.

The joy of it all is that when we call out to God, we can be assured that He would stumble all over the canopy of heaven to supply the needs of His children. We drank our juice, we put the cup in the sink and we went back to sleep, resting in the arms of what the world really needs now.