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I am and have always been and will always be a DOG lover. Until January 2000, I didn't even LIKE cats and couldn't stand to be in the room with one for very long. Now, I live with one. His name is EZEKIEL. Thank goodness, at least he has a biblical name. He is big and solid black with gold eyes and gorgeous. For the benefit of those of you who know me best, yes, I actually said those words about a cat and meant them. 

During the day, ZEKE’s favorite spot in the house is on top of my computer desk while I am trying to type on this keyboard. He slaps lazily at the plastic mouse in my right hand, just to get it to move out of the way. You see, ZEKE is not even a bit interested in my plastic computer mouse. He likes to sit here in this spot because there is a window to my right, just past the mouse. He is intently interested in the birds on the feeder, which is located in the hedge about three feet outside my window. 

I love to watch the birds while I sit here and type and send email each day. It relaxes me to take brain breaks and stop thinking while I observe them at their little bird restaurant. Of course, ZEKE instinctively watches them for a very different reason. Those beautiful creatures joyfully greet each day with their merry little chirps and songs and peacefully munch on that bird seed, completely oblivious to the fifteen pound, strong, young black cat that is watching their every flip and flitter and flutter with great interest. They have absolutely NO idea the grave danger that resides about three feet away from their little feeder. Except for that glass window between them which keeps ZEKE inside, they would be singing in a minor key of fright and flight. It's that window of grace and protection that keeps him from harming one feather on their little birdy bodies or even disturbing one moment of their seedy breakfast. 

Lord, except for Your window of amazing grace, how in the world would we survive in this daily battle against the ARCH ENEMY, SATAN, who lurks just off stage during all the acts of the plays of our lives? Thank the Lord today for the window of grace and protection that He provides against our unseen, but ever present enemy.