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Psalm 23:1990 

The Lord is my Constant Companion.
I shall never be alone.
He makes me feel loved and accepted for who I am.
He leads me each step of the way, one day at a time.
He restores our relationship without saying, "I told you so!"
when I've tried to go it alone and failed...miserably.
He guides me when I don't even realize it so that
even my poor choices can still be used to accomplish His will for my life 
and somehow bring order out of chaos...for His glory.
Even though everyone around me keeps saying,
"Heavenly days, woman! You mean you are over forty and STILL not married?!! 
Why who in the world will care for you when you are old?"
I will fear no evil.
He who formed me in my mother's womb 
has nurtured me thus far. 
He will not abandon me after I have bloomed 
and then begun to fade away.
He prepares me for grief because He's been there.
He anoints my feeble attempts at service.
My cup always has cream because He knows what I like in my coffee.
Surely patience and compassion will one day come as naturally to me
as they do to Him (won't they, please?).
We will never be separated.
One day when we are through down here He will say:
"Why don't you just come on over to my house and just plan to stay